Success Stories

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1. “…worked with hundreds of agents over my 30 year career..exceeded and then completely blew away that  bar…”


As a career real estate investor , I've literally worked with hundreds of agents over my 30 year career ,so when I choose an agent to sell our TIC I had a high bar of expectation . Derek Schreiber exceeded and then completely blew away that  bar, as he continually knocked every detail out of the park . From pricing to staging to when and how long to market , Derek is a true master of his craft .

He guided us through multiple offers, new TIC language required by the lender and lots of other twists and turns while we were on vacation in Greece  with tremendous grace and professionalism. There is no doubt that Derek is as good as it gets in his field, but he is also an open hearted, authentic  guy that always left us feeling deeply held and cared about. If you get a chance to work with this guy, take it!!!!

- Justin Hilton


2. “…there is quite simply no one better…”


We bought our first home with Gillian in the Castro in 2004... we probably saw 20 other units before we saw the one we had to buy, a beautiful top unit of a two-unit building. About three years later the opportunity arose to purchase the below unit, which we quickly did.It turns out that Gillian knows an amazing property management team, so as we embarked on finding renters and moving out of the city, a smooth exit was easily facilitated.

In recent years we called upon Gillian's expertise again--not once, but twice--though this time as our selling agent, and have successfully exited both units for great profits. When it comes to the tips and tricks as to how best to position a property for sale, the calendaring, the story, the staging (or sometimes anti-staging! Ask about that...), the photos, the networking with friendly agents, etc there is quite simply no one better.

-Ankarino L., San Francisco


3. “...He was honest, transparent, positive, smart, and savvy. ”


Derek is simply amazing! I have used Derek on several occasions. The first was 4 years ago when I went to buy my first house in San Francisco. As everyone is aware, it is a tough market and being a first time home buyer I was nervous and apprehensive. Derek made the whole process smooth and easy. He was honest, transparent, positive, smart, and savvy. When I finally made an offer on my first home he spent lots of time walking me through everything so I felt comfortable with the process. Low and behold we snagged the home and at an under market price!  

I recently used Derek again 7 months ago to buy a new larger home and sell my previous one. Derek has a good eye for the market and again I was able to get my current house for under market value. I believe it is due to his strong rapport with other agents and ability to read any situation well. In selling my home with Derek I was again nervous as i had never sold a home before.


He went above and beyond to make sure my home was marketed well and had lots of foot traffic. In the end I was able to get top dollar, which included breaking a record comp in the neighborhood! 

Derek truly cares about each and everyone of his clients. If I ever had a question he was always happy to get me answers or get on a call to discuss. When I went to remodel my kitchen he gave me a ton of resources and recommendations, which again made the whole process so much easier. 

I really cant say enough wonderful things about my experience's with working with Derek. I recommend him to all of my friends, colleagues, and family every chance I get. Trust me, if you go with Derek you will be in good hands!

-Emily Z., San Francisco


4. “…smart, savvy, and felt like an old friend…”


I found Gillian after my first (failed) attempt at buying a place left me in tears. Gillian immediately put me at ease and made the whole process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. She was smart, savvy, and felt like an old friend. I realized the first go-around how important it is to have a good team to support you during this process,


and Gillian was not only great herself, but she also put me in contact with other amazing people--including an amazing lender who closed right on time. She's gone above and beyond, helping me every step of the way (renovations and all). I'd recommend her to anyone, and in fact have already sent six of my friends her way.

-Jennifer R., San Francisco



5.“…most important was the strategic insight…"


I have dealt with Derek both on the buying and selling side. First, Derek is the friendliest and most professional agent I have ever dealt with in San Francisco. He is patient, very hard working, knows how to make everything easy and essentially seamless. But most important was the strategic insight Derek brought when I needed to sell my place.

He directed me to the right people, was extremely sharp about timing and overall put the right emphasis on what mattered. When selling your place, the wrong move can completely change the outcome. Derek handled it like a champ and everything was watertight on all aspects.

-Chris W., San Francisco


6.“…incredibly personable, well-connected and knowledgeable.”


My wife and I worked with Gillian to define, refine and ultimately buy our first condo. We came into the process with a limited understanding of the process; she was our patient guide, walking us through each and every step.

Gillian is incredibly personable, well-connected and knowledgeable. She's relaxed when it's time to be relaxed, but knows how and when to spring into action when the time comes. We really could not have found or closed on our home without her. I cannot recommend Gillian highly enough!

-Andrew V., San Francisco


7.“…very skilled negotiator…respected in the industry…”


Our family has worked with Derek for several years now. He has helped our family both sell and buy a new home. Derek is the consummate broker that provides honest expert guidance and is attentive to all your needs and wants.

In addition to being a very skilled negotiator he is also well
respected in the industry and among his colleagues, which is an extremely important characteristic. I highly recommend working with Derek!

-Dustin E., San Francisco


8. “…always made us feel like her first priority…”


We've worked with her [Gillian] for awhile and she is immensely patient, incredibly knowledgeable about the San Francisco real estate market, and easy to talk to. She makes you feel like you're getting advice from your smartest pal, while handling every interaction with

professionalism and integrity. Gillian is busy with many clients, but always made us feel like her first priority. I couldn't think of a better guide to help navigate the crazy SF real estate market.

-Stephanie S., San Francisco


9. “…made the process as seamless as a real estate transaction can be…”


We highly recommend Derek. We recently purchased a property through him (he represented us) and found him to be a great agent with the abilities necessary to navigate a tough market.  Derek provided excellent guidance, gave us the straight story and wasn't afraid to give his opinion when appropriate.  He communicated well throughout the process, was patient with us and the other agent, and built

a strong rapport with the listing agent.  In addition, he has a strong roster of consultants who provided good input once we were in contract.  Overall Derek helped us find the right property at the right price and made the process as seamless as a real estate transaction can be.  Highly recommended!

-Allison R., Ojai, CA | Seasoned Real Estate Investor


10. “…would always go the extra mile to help me understand the process…”


What a great house-buying experience I had with Derek. Not only is he competent and detail oriented, he would always go the extra mile to help me understand the

process, getting questions answered I should have had and on top it is - great fun working with. Through his insight, I felt I was making good decisions.

-Kristen R., San Francisco